Saturday, October 17, 2009

Too many

Parents, when did it become acceptable to have twenty-five five-year-olds at a birthday party? When?

You can't control them. I can't control them. Don't you invite 25 kindergarteners to a birthday party, give them snacks and cake and sugar, hop them up on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, give them to ME, and then tell ME that I did not control the kids. There are, like, fifteen of you hanging out in the back and you drank your beers and wine coolers and didn't lift a finger. They're five. I'm sorry. They can't sit for an hour. Forty minutes in, they're squirming. I should know this. No, I do know this. But you paid for an hour and if I come in under time you'll kill me. Or worse, not tip me.


  1. At parties AND in schools the groups of children are getting way too big for teachers to handle. I remember having fifteen to twenty people in my elementary classes and just one teacher. Now there are thirty or more kids on average, with a teacher, a teacher's aide, and sometimes a secondary teacher on certain days of the week--and that's if they're lucky. Otherwise, it's just thirty+ kids and one poor teacher who's expected to be able to keep them under control.

  2. And like you said in your most recent post, kids are kids. They're excitable. They don't know how to sit still. It's our job to TEACH them this but we can't expect them to behave that way, particularly if they're five. At least in a school I can understand a lack of teachers and budget concerns leading to larger classes----sometimes it isn't a choice. But God, it's a birthday party. Parents do this on PURPOSE.