Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adding a Co-Author!


While this blog is still shiny and new I've decided to add a co-author. Lauren and I went to college together and were post-college roommates before I moved back to my home state. With a BA in English, she ended up in a similar route: working at a teacher's aide at the college's lab school for elementary-age kids, used to train Education students. Never intended to work with kids, but bam. That's where she ended up. Her situation is intensely similar to mine but she offers another aspect: while I work with extracurricular programs and entertainment, traveling around to all different schools and dealing with parks & rec departments and parents-as-clients, Lauren worked in a school during school hours and observed that single school for a long period of time. I think together we can offer two sides of the same coin.

I leave her to introduce herself, and she and I will post... whenever we can.

- Kait

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